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We are approximately 3 hours drive from Melbourne's CBD.
If you are coming from Echuca, we are about 20 mins drive along the Murray Valley Highway heading towards Kerang.
Turn right at the intersection of Murray Valley Highway, Runnymeade Road on the left and Bail Road on the right.
At the end of the bitumen turn right into Fulham Road then left into Sexton Road.

Our driveway is 1.5 Kilometers from the Sexton/Fulham corner. Look for the Goolwa Farm sign on the high fence, come through the big double gates and come down the driveway you will be met at the other end.  We are set down on the river; our driveway is ¾ Kilometer long.

A Short cut from Melbourne:

A good short cut instead of going through Echuca, is to turn west at Elmore at the end of the shopping precinct, go over the train line go past the swimming pool and footy ground stay right at the “Y” intersection and follow the signs to ”Lockington”.
From “Lockington” follow the signs to “Torrumbarry”.  We will send you our mud map when booking.
The roads are sealed apart from approx 3km of unsealed gravel road and this short cut will save 30 minutes on the trip through Echuca. 

Victoria State “Melways” reference: Map 31 A2

Travel safely.

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Greg & Vicki Callaway

150 Sexton Road
Torrumbarry VIC 3562
M 0417 472 791

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